Sat 5th – Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker is an award-winning author and lecturer based in Los Angeles. Her work focuses on intergenerational feminism(s), emerging masculinities, the role of bisexuality in LGBTQ communities, the evolution of multiracial identity in contemporary global discourse, the power of intercultural and interracial relationships, and the critical importance of mental health. Walker is one of the main proponents of Third Wave feminism(s), and the co-founder of Third Wave Foundation, an activist philanthropic organization supporting the empowerment of women and transgender youth aged 15-30. Upon publication of her first book To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism, Time Magazine named her one of the most influential leaders under forty in the United States.

Walker’s second book, Black White and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self, was an international bestseller, and her 2007 memoir, Baby Love: Choosing Motherhood After a Lifetime of Ambivalence sparked productive controversy about the role of motherhood within feminism(s) in both academia and the mainstream media. Her collection, One Big Happy Family, explores the explosion of non-traditional family configurations in the US, and includes perspectives on polyamory, transracial adoption, house-husbandry, and single motherhood, and her most recent collection, Black Cool, looks at the roots of the Afro-Atlantic aesthetic as a location for the empowerment of communities of color. Her most recent work, a novel, Adé: A Love Story, about a privileged American woman who falls in love with a Swahili fisherman off the coast of Kenya in the middle of the country’s civil war, is currently being adapted for film with Madonna attached to direct.

Walker has lectured at over 400 universities, conferences, and corporate campuses globally, including Yale, Harvard, MIT, Out and Equal, JP Morgan Chase, and Facebook, and teaches seminars on creative non-fiction and the art of memoir at universities and private workshops around the world. She recently wrote on the Amazon Prime series based on the life of lesbian comedian Tig Notaro, and made a cameo on the cultural phenomenon that is TRANSPARENT. She holds a BA from Yale University, an MFA from Spalding University, and an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the North Carolina School of the Arts.

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