About Us

Conference Organizers

The AWP 2016 Conference is being planned by the AWP PGH chapter.

Conference Co-Coordinators

Lori Koelsch, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Duquesne University)
Britney Brinkman, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Chatham University)

Please email us at Awp2016pittsburgh@gmail.com


AWP is a diverse feminist community of psychologists and allied professionals invested in the integration of personal, professional, and political power in the service of social justice. We challenge unexamined privilege and dominant discourses that marginalize and oppress within psychology and the wider society. AWP accomplishes this by promoting feminist scholarship, teaching, practice, and networking, and through mentoring, activism, and influencing public policy.


We are committed to a just and inclusive world without sexism and oppression, one that supports the psychological development and well-being of all people.

AWP seeks to act responsibly and sensitively with regard to women by challenging the unquestioned assumptions, research traditions, theoretical commitments, clinical and professional practices, and institutional and societal structures that limit the understanding, treatment, professional attainment, and responsible self-determination of women and men, or that contribute to unwelcome divisions between women based on race, ethnicity, age, social class, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. Its role thus includes education and sensitization of mental health professionals, encouragement and recognition of women’s concerns and those who promote them, reconceptualization and expansion of perspectives within psychology, advocacy and critique regarding professional and institutional practices, and the provision of opportunities for creative feminist contributions and the dissemination of feminist ideas. Founded in 1969 at the American Psychological Associations annual convention, AWP operates outside of APA’s organizational structure and maintains a broader-than-psychology membership and vision. Lobbying by AWP was directly responsible for the establishment of an APA Division of the Psychology of Women (Division 35) in 1973; joint AWP and Division 35 efforts culminated in the creation of a Women’s Program Office at APA’s national headquarters. AWP sponsors regional and national conferences on feminist psychology as well as several annual awards. We frequently collaborate with other organizations in promoting a feminist approach to research, teaching, and mental health, and maintain an active liaison program with other feminist and psychological organizations. AWP has been an official Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations since 1976 and has participated in international conferences.